No one can make you change.

No one can stop you from changing.

No one really knows how you must change.

Not even you.

Not until you start.

                                                                                                                      David Viscott


How do we start? In general counselling begins with an initial meeting where we begin to talk about whatever it is that has brought you to counselling. We can explore expectations and look at the prospect of us working together.

How will it work? Counselling can be helpful in a wide range of issues and support you in a self-empowering way. Often people find that they become more self-reflective during the counselling process, which can benefit them long after having finished the counselling work.

How long will it take? The counselling process is not pre-set and depends largely on each individual, their preferences and the issue(s) they bring. This means that no two experiences of counselling are the same. To review our work from time to time can help to make sure we are working towards your goal(s).

What is important for me as your counsellor? It is important for me that the counselling setting fosters an environment where you are able to safely explore your issue(s) and gain a better understanding about what gets in the way. This awareness and knowledge in my view paves the way to develop new ways of dealing with difficult issues and process challenging aspects of your life and so develop better coping mechanisms and a greater sense of control.

It is always my aim to listen with empathy, openness and acceptance in the hope to be able to understand what is really going on for you, to better assist you in finding a way through your difficulties, rather than presume to know how things are or how they ‘should’ be.

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